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Cornea Transplant

A healthy, harmoniously functioning, clear Cornea is a must for good vision but if our Cornea is damaged due to any eye ailment or eye injury, it can become swollen, scarred and severely affect and distort our vision.

A Cornea Transplant, also referred to as Keratoplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace part of a patient’s cornea with corneal tissue from a donor. The cornea is the transparent, dome-shaped surface of our eye that plays an indispensable role behind our eye's focusing power. A Cornea Transplant can re-establish vision, lower the pain and enhance the appearance of a damaged or diseased cornea.

Most of the Cornea Transplant surgeries are successful. But like other transplant surgeries, Cornea Transplant also carries a small risk or complication that is rejection of the donor Cornea. A Cornea Transplant is most often used to restore vision to a person who has a damaged cornea. A cornea transplant may also relieve pain or other signs and symptoms associated with diseases of the cornea.

There are many eye conditions that can affect the clarity of the cornea and put the patient at superior risk of suffering from a Corneal failure. A Corneal Transplant is recommended for eye conditions such as:

  • Trichiasis, where eyelashes turn inward and cause friction against the surface of the eye, causing scarring and loss of vision
  • Scarring caused due to infections, such as eye herpes or Fungal Keratitis
  • Hereditary conditions such as Fuchs' Fystrophy
  • Clouding or swelling of the Cornea
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Eye disorders such as Advanced Keratoconus
  • Thinning of the Cornea and irregular corneal shape like that is Keratoconus
  • Rare complications from LASIK surgery
  • Chemical burns caused to the Cornea or damage from an eye injury
  • Excessive swelling or Edema of the cornea
  • Graft rejection following a previous Corneal Transplant
  • Corneal failure that has occurred due to complication from a Cataract surgery


Who Needs Corneal Transplant?

The cornea has to be clear to allow the people to see properly. However there are numerous problems that could damaged the cornea and affect the vision. The light rays passing through a damaged cornea can get distorted and change your vision. Hence corneal transplant is needed by people with the following eye problems:

  • Cornea scarring due to infection and trauma
  • Keratoconus, a degenerative condition can damaging it due to which cornea becomes misshapen or thin
  • Corneal ulcers or sores from an infection
  • Some other corneal conditions which are inherited such as Fuch’s dystrophy, Lattice dystrophy and many others
  • Thinning, clouding or swelling of the cornea
  • Problems caused by earlier eye operation